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IRZ-200 series ESP switchboards

Monitoring, control and protection of 3—250 kW downhole electrical motors.


  • small overall sizes and weight
  • easy operation and maintenance
  • easy connection
  • 4-line display
  • logs downloading to USB drive
  • software updating without submersible electric motor operation interruption
  • compliance with LUKOIL, ROSNEFT, SURGUTNEFTEGAS, GASPROMNEFT companies requirements and GOST R51321.1-2007 standard
  • bus-type power systems (applicable for drives with current rating above 250 A)

IRZ-200 ensures

  • motor control in manual or automatic mode
  • continuous control of supply voltage, order of phase sequence, currents in three phases and isolation resistance of the “pump transformer — power cable — motor” link
  • calculation of voltages and currents unbalance, power factor, load factor, consumed power, operation time
  • connection to IRZ’s or another manufacturer’s Surface Readout Unit
  • record of controlled parameters and causes of SEM motor switch offs in real time and saving of the records during power supply interruptions
  • equipment preservation in emergencies caused by the failures of power system or downhole equipment

With protection system activated, the station automatically restarts when parameters return back to the operating range.


  • enables connection of 220V 10A devices via female connector on operator’s panel of the station
  • can be integrated into oilfield telemechanics (normally closed and normally open contacts)
  • connecting to SCADA-system through RS232 or RS485 interfaces with Modbus-RTU communications protocol
  • uploading data on the Internet through GPRS-modem

The switchboard can be equipped with a power metering system registered in the State Register of Measuring Devices (Russia) upon request.

Supply voltage, V 190…520
Motor power, kW 3…250
Control of motor operating current, A (performed based on the primary winding of the pump transformer with re-computation into the actual motor operating current) 0…2000
Control of insulation resistance of the "transformer — power cable — motor" link, kOhm 0…10000
Control of turbine rotation frequency, Hz 1…50
Error of current, voltage, rotation frequency, and time setting control, % 2
Error of insulation resistance control, % 5
Enclosure protection class IP43
Operating temperature, °С -60…+50


DesignationRated current, AOverall dimensions, mmWeight, kg
IRZ-200-25 25 1685х765х635 180*
IRZ-201-250 250 130
IRZ-202-400 400 140
IRZ-203-630 630 150

* — with built-in output isolation transformer

IRZ-200 series ESP switchboards

Operation, control and protection of submersible electric motors with power ranging from 3 to 250 kW.

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