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  • The Company was formed on the basis of IRZ company — the engineering & production enterprise with over than 50-year history in the design and production of electronics for strategic industries.

    Mass production of downhole sensor systems (IRZ TMS) for ESP began.

  • The Company launched motor drives manufacturing for electrical downhole motors.

  • First centralized control systems for remote monitoring and control of oilfield equipment were manufactured.

  • Based on 10 years of experience in the production of IRZ TMS, the Company developed and put into production a downhole sensor system with high accuracy and resolution of pressure and temperature measuring.

  • The Company developed and produced the first downhole sensor system for dual completion.

  • The Company set up production of downhole sensor systems for severe environment.

  • The Company set up production of downhole sensor systems with flow meters.

  • The Company set up production of anti-scaling downhole systems reducing scale formation on external and internal surfaces of downhole equipment.