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IRZ-500 series ESP/ PCP Variable Frequency Drives

THE FAMILY OF IRZ VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVES ensures control, parameters monitoring and protection of induction and permanent magnet motors of electric submersible pumps and progressive cavity pumps enabling soft start, soft stop, and rotation frequency regulation.

The IRZ drives are used by oil companies to protect downhole equipment and increase run life of pump systems.


  • 6-Pulse drives
    a cost-effective and reliable solution; can be equipped with an input harmonics filter to ensure THDI and THDV at the VFD input ≤ 5% at nominal load and ≤ 8—10% at a lower load
  • Multi-Pulse drives
    6-, 12-, or 18-pulse
  • Active Front End drive
    uses active IGBT input rectifiers featuring excellent mitigation of harmonic distortion into the power line and ensuring compliance with the IEEE 519-2014 guidelines without need in additional harmonics filtering. In addition, this drive can be used with standard step-down transformers for 6-pulse drives which is a benefit if compared to more expensive phase-shifting transformers used with multi-pulse VFDs.

VFD Data Analytic Tool


  • Designed for outdoor installation and operation in severe climatic conditions
  • Temperature and humidity regulation
  • Suitable for induction & PMM motors (selectable mode)
  • Compatible with PCP systems
  • Can be used with downhole monitoring systems of IRZ and other vendors (MODBUS, RS232/RS485 interface)
  • Compatible with geophysical systems, including dual completion systems
  • Built-in output sinus filter (voltage distortion <5%)
  • Smart control algorithms for well production optimization
  • Service modes for variety of production scenarios
  • SCADA support
  • Software update without motor shutdown using a USB drive
  • History download to a USB drive
  • Graphic screen
  • Colored light indicators
  • Wide choice of connection options, 3 lockable compartments for input/output connections, SCADA system connections and operator’s panel
  • Inverter bypass option


  • Control in manual and automatic mode
  • Continuous monitoring of power grid parameters in three phases
  • Calculation of voltage and current imbalances, power factor, load factor, consumed power and run time
  • Record of monitored parameters and causes of motor shutdowns in real time; the records are secured in cases of power supply interruption
  • Automatic restart
  • Smart control algorithms:
    • Automatic well production optimization
    • Automatic bringing the well to a specified rate
    • Avoiding high motor current
    • Avoiding high motor temperature
  • Service modes:
    • 3 modes to start ESP system when there is high torque or rotor is stuck
    • Gas lock removing mode
    • Deposits removing mode
    • PID regulation: automatic maintaining pump intake pressure, motor current or a value at some analog input of the drive
  • Automatic switching from the intermittent to continuous cycle and vice versa depending on corresponding conditions
  • “Rotor catch” — backspin braking for a quick start


  • Motor overcurrent
  • Motor underload
  • High current imbalance between motor phases
  • High voltage imbalance between power line phases
  • High/low VFD supply voltage
  • Low insulation resistance in the “Transformer — Cable — Motor” link
  • Low pump intake pressure (if a downhole sensor is used)
  • High pump discharge pressure (if a downhole sensor is used)
  • High motor temperature (if a downhole sensor is used)
  • Frequency inverter overheating
  • Motor cable/ VFD output cable ground fault
  • Supply voltage surge
  • Wrong phase sequencing at VFD input
  • High/low rotation frequency
  • Backspin rotation
Supply voltage, V 275…475 V (380 V +25%-25%), 340…550 V (480 V +15%-30%)
Supply frequency 49…51 Hz (with input harmonics filter)
45…55 Hz (without input harmonics filter)
Ambient temperature -60…+50 °С
Type of motor Induction & PMM — the mode is selectable in the drive menu
Max motor power
— 6-, 12-, 18-pulse 40 / 60 / 100 / 140 / 230 / 380 / 410 / 480 h.p.
— AFE 410 h.p.
Efficiency ≥ 95 %
Monitoring of motor operating current
— Range 0…1.25 x Inom
— Relative error 2 %
Monitoring of insulation resistance of the “Transformer-Cable-Motor” line
— Range 0…1 MOhm, 1…10 MOhm
— Relative error 2.5 %, 10%
Monitoring of backspin rotation frequency
— Range 1…50 Hz
— Relative error 2 %
Monitoring of effective linear voltage
— Range 0…600 V
— Relative error 2 %
Enclosure standard IP43, IP54 or higher at request
Interfaces — USB
— RS232/RS485
— Ethernet
— Optional GPRS/Wi-Fi modem
— NC/NO dry contacts
— Two 0—10V / 4—20 mA DC analog inputs
— Five discrete inputs

IRZ-200 series ESP switchboards

Operation, control and protection of submersible electric motors with power ranging from 3 to 250 kW.

IRZ-500 series ESP/ PCP Variable Frequency Drives

The family of IRZ variable frequency drives ensures control, parameters monitoring and protection of induction and permanent magnet motors of electric submersible pumps and progressive cavity pumps enabling soft start, soft stop, and…

IRZ-700 series ESP softstarters

Parameters monitoring, control and protection of motors with power ranging from 14 to 320 kW and possibility of soft start and stop.

Variable frequency drive for sucker rod pumps & progressive cavity pumps with surface motors

The IRZ-400 Series VFDs control, protect, verify parameters, and regulate rotation frequency of SRP or PCP systems arranged with surface three-phase induction or permanent magnet motors.