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Downhole monitoring system for wells with super-viscous oil

The TMS-Kvant+ fiber-optic distributed temperature monitoring system of IRZ was designed for super-viscous oil applications. The equipment monitors temperature of reservoir during heating to ensure optimization of steam injection and increase efficiency of oil production.

The system consists of:

  • Surface controller with optical recorder
  • Fiber-optic armored sensing cable

Despite of common temperature sensors which measure local point temperatures, this system registers temperature profile along the entire fiber-optic cable — this is how a thermogram is created.

Thereby, it is possible to conduct well monitoring during transient processes or in operation, which cannot be done by conventional techniques. To obtain a thermogram from a fiber-optic cable, it takes only a couple of minutes, while depth of the well can reach 6 kilometers.

Main features of TMS-Kvant+ system:

  • reliability
  • stability
  • the system is fully autonomous

At the same time, the surface equipment is installed directly on the well pad in the open air and can be operated in harsh conditions at ambient temperatures from –60 to +50 °С.

Since 2016, TMS-Kvant+ has been supplied to Russian oil & gas companies and has been successfully operated in super-viscous oil fields.

35 systems have already been installed; they serve 120 production wells.

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